Lisa’s Lens: Resting Punk Face at SouthSide 313

Valley Spotlight – Resting Punk Face

From Martha at Backstage Chronicles III

What do you call–Promotion of Individuality? Freedom of expression?-fashion, visual art, dance, film, literature? A Peculiarity? Anti-establishment? Aggressive at times? How about we call it “The Punk Rock Creed”. Throughout my many years, I left some genres of music right where they started; some accompanied me to this day. Punk Rock has been a stronghold most of my life. Why? Some may say? Hahaha Many punk rock bands claimed their strangely odd lack of talent, but it is genuine and embraced by many. Not all lacked. I sought after all of the above and still do. Saturday, February 15th, excitement ensued as I took a trip into Bethlehem to see “RESTING PUNK FACE”. Been a long time seeing a live punk rock band, especially locally. Needless to say, it was not a dispensable night. From the Ramones, to the Sex Pistols, to The Dead Kennedys, their distinction of sound was excellent. THE ENERGY THOUGH—-High and amusing!!! Never a dull moment. Love these guys!! “Like” their page @restingpunkface